Congratulations to you Mommy!!
Bonding with your newborn is a special time.
Most of your moments will be spent tending to the needs of your precious baby.


Changing diapers...

Singing lullabies...

Exciting introductions to family and friends.

Each of these moments will create memories and an unbreakable bond with your bundle of joy.
Cherish them.

But in the meantime …

Don’t forget to focus on the other important person in your life … YOU.
Do not forget to focus on the other important person....YOU!
Are you ready to say
Bye Bye Baby Belly?

Bye Bye Baby Belly is a comprehensive program that will have you snap back into your pre-baby body faster than you think!
Eat Clean Get Lean - Jane Mukami

During pregnancy, your body went through miraculous changes so that you could give birth to your precious baby...

And there are probably fleeting moments, where you get a chance to look at your reflection in the mirror.

And you might be starting to wonder …

Who is the stranger staring back?

Will I ever be as confident again? 

In fact, you might be starting to think that you’re stuck with your post-pregnancy body forever.

That’s why I’ve developed a comprehensive program specifically for mothers.

Bye Bye Baby Belly simplifies nutrition and provides a 12 week at home workout videos. Get your copy today!
Eat Clean Get Lean - Jane Mukami
program will help you get on the right track to the old you.
Here’s what you’re going to discover ...
  • ​How to begin losing weight even while breastfeeding, without compromising milk production
  • ​Why fad diets don't work and what to focus on instead
  • ​3 surprising foods that lead to better breast milk production
  • ​How long you should wait before resuming workouts
  • ​8 superfoods that will help you beat food cravings
  • ​Sleep and lose weight? You’ll get the astonishing truth about the connection!
  • ​How many times per day you should eat (hint: It's more than you might think especially with)
  • ​The 12-week snapback exercise routine and videos to reclaim your figure from the comfort of home
  • ​Video about the “little-known” 3-step test for Diastitis Recti and core workouts to rectify the condition
If you get my ebook here’s what I promise…

It's an easy process that won’t rob you of your energy.

You’ll have plenty left in the gas tank so you can tend to your baby.

Just stick to the simple rules, and you’ll see that...
is an easy-to-follow guide that delivers results.
You’ll have all the healthy habits you’ll need for leading a more fit lifestyle in just 12 weeks.

Get your guide now...
Eat Clean Get Lean - Jane Mukami
Jane Mukami